While some might say the Samsung Galaxy S3 rumor madness might have gotten a bit out of hand lately, it simply doesn’t mean we should stop reporting the speculations as we get a hold of them, as we might miss something important and accurate. One thing can be sure – this is the most important device launch in Samsung’s short Android device launch history.

The latest rumor comes as a confirmation of an older rumor, which itself followed upon an even older speculation (are you still following me?) and seems to almost set in stone that the future Samsung flagship’s processor. According to some “credible sources” cited by the guys at The Verge, the Galaxy S3 (or whatever they will end up calling it) will be powered by a quad-core Exynos chipset, which should come with “superlative benchmark performance”. Whether it is the same quad core 32mm A9 variant found in the soon-to-be-launched-by-June Meizu MX or better remains to be seen.

We first heard something about that way back in November last year (!), with a second report on the same front coming about a month ago. However, this fresh report does mention that the quad-core processor will in fact be featured in the global version of the phone, with specific regional variants being set to come with a different kind of chipset.

As far as the actual model of the quad-core processor set to power the Galaxy S2 successor, The Verge’s sources didn’t let anything slip, so the most reasonable guess right now is still that 32 nm Cortex-A9 based Exynos we got a glimpse of earlier in 2012, which is the same one in the Meizu MX.

The rumor about the quad-core Exynos chipset powering the S3 is not the only one who popped up on the web in the past 24 hours, with the guys at Phandroid making a very interesting discovery about the possible name of the device as well.

It therefore seems that if you hit http://www.samsung.com/galaxysIII, the URL will be formatted and you will be forwarded to a different address, where you will be greeted with a typical “Page Not Found” error message. The same will happen if, instead of “galaxysIII”, you will be hit with the URL “galaxys3” at the end.

While this is nothing out of the ordinary, what’s interesting is that if you hit a similar link, with some crazy name after the samsung.com address, like the Galaxy S III HD Plus Ultra, for example, you will be directed to a new page, but this will be very different from the first one. There’ll be no formatting, no forwarding, no nothing, which might mean that Samsung is at least thinking of naming its future flagship smartphone the Galaxy S3, which would make sense. Seriously Samsung, none of this Apple “it’s just the iPad” nonsense, ok? You can call it the Samsung Galaxy S3 Universe Ultra HD Pro 9000XT  for all I care.

This is an even wilder guess than the previous one concerning the processor powered by the 4G LTE version of the future Sammy beast, but it might mean something after all and will certainly keep us on our rumor addicted toes for the time being.

We know that you might be a bit tired with all of this endless rumor news and all, but now it is your turn. What, realistically do you think the S3 will be packing? Let us know below!