Another day, another rumor related to the Samsung Galaxy S3. The excitement for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is nothing short of amazing. The entire Android community is holding its collective breath for what it likely to be an incredible device that will set trends and gloriously lead the Android pack.

So, when the Samsung Galaxy S3 shows up for preorder, complete with image, specs, and price, we naturally take notice. That’s exactly what happened today. Recombu reports that New York-based wireless store has just listed the Samsung Galaxy S3 for preorder, giving us hope that the S3 is finally close. But is it for real?

Specs, price, and images – too good to be true?

Now, it wouldn’t be the first time a store jumps the gun on a product listing. But, again, it wouldn’t be the first time a store tries to get itself some free publicity by playing on our obsessive craving for devices. So, what’s the verdict in this case?

1) Images

MobileCityOnline published an alleged image of the Galaxy S3, complete with a detailed caption – Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III (3G 850/1900MHz AT&T) Black Unlocked Import. At first glance, the pic shows what seems to be an awesome new Samsung device, with a cool bezel-less design. Right? Wrong.

It’s actually a cross between a Galaxy Note and one of the rendered concepts of the S3, that’s been circulating around the web for a while (one that we at AndroidAuthority have used extensively before). Here’s the original concept:

2) Specs and description

The specs listed by the online store are partially in line with the rumors that already made the rounds on the blogosphere, but stray from the consensus in one important matter – the processor. More precisely, MobileCityOnline claims that the Galaxy S3 specs list will include an mouth-watering quad-core Exynos 4212 processor, clocked at no less than 1.8 GHz. Attractive? Certainly. True – we’ll have to see.

Other specs touted by the online store include a 4.65-inch AMOLED display, a 12MP camera, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. All of these specs are quite plausible and in line with previous rumors. The price: $799.99, although the site makes a point of mentioning that the “Retail Price” will be $999.99. Hmm, how kind of them to let us know.

However, hope is all but lost when you read the product description: “Samsung Galaxy S III is rumored to be company’s next flagship. It is said that it will run Android 4.0, under the hood will be a Samsung developed 1.8GHz quad-core CPU with 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal memory and a microSD slot aboard. The screen will be 4.65 inches of Super AMOLED III delight. Super AMOLED III, according to the tipster, is being developed specifically for this model”

‘Nuff said. Myth busted.

The bottom line

As much as we would like for this Galaxy S3 rumor to be real, it’s, most likely, just a publicity stunt from a retailer in need of attention and backlinks. At the time this post was published, Samsung had not issued an official response to this affair, but when it’ll come, it will be, without doubt, a rebuttal.

Hopefully, we’ll get to show you the real deal soon. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is reportedly coming in April, although we did speculate at one point on a July debut. No matter when the Galaxy S3 will be upon us, you’ll get all the specs, details, price, and availability, here at AndroidAuthority. Stay tuned.