Last week we got a glimpse of several new features that the upcoming Premium Suite upgrade will be bringing to the Galaxy S3 in a video posted on Samsung’s official blog. The promised second part of the video is now live for the 30-million strong Galaxy S3 owners to feast their eyes on.

Starting with the new set of “powerful multimedia” features – there are now two additional shooting modes for smartphone snappers to take advantage of.

The new Low Light Shot function lets you take pictures without flash in badly-lit places. You’ll get OK results with reduced noise. Then there’s the Best Face function, a perfect remedy for those who keen on taking group pictures minus the blinking faces. Basically, each person in the group can choose the best face on the consecutively taken shots.

If you want to get more “Likes” when posting pictures on your Facebook wall, the new Paper Artist feature will come in handy in helping you create pop art effect on your photos.

Less interesting are the new accessibility features, such as the Easy Mode, Sound Balance, Setup Wizard, and Easy Snap. Check out the 3-minute running video to get the full scoop of the new Premium Suite features.

Bams Sadewo
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