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Samsung Galaxy S3 Premium Suite rolling out today in UK

Samsung's Premium Suite update for the UK Galaxy S3 contains some brand new software and a host of great features. The update adds a mammoth amount of content, guaranteed to bring new life your favorite handset.
December 20, 2012
premium suite

Samsung UK have launched the Premium Suite update for the Galaxy S3 today. We first saw what would coming in the update a couple of weeks ago, but now we can finally get our hands on the extra software and a host of new features.

One of the most notable features added in the update is support for Multi Window, which allows users to split the phones display in half and run two different apps side by side. There’s also a new Group Cast feature, which enables sharing and collaboration on documents, images or presentations in real time over a wi-fi network.

There are also various improvements to the camera, firstly adding and improving some features to the main application. Samsung have added a Best Face setting which replaces the existing Best Photo feature. This will choose the best face of each person in the photograph from five continuous shots. The new low light mode improves the sharpness and brightness of photos taken in dark environments, and the panoramic mode has been broadened to 340-360 degrees.

They’ve also thrown the Paper Artist app for you to edit your photos with. The software includes brush tools and some photo effects. There’s also the Samsung Gallery which will allow you to view more photos at once, and create and categorise photos and videos more easily.

If that wasn’t enough there are also some additional features which attempt to make the phone seem a little smarter and more user friendly. Continuous Input adds Swype like functionality to the keyboard, so users can type words faster and easier. The AllShare Cast feature enables wireless connectivity to televisions so you can immediately transfer smartphone content onto a larger display. And the new Smart Dock feature automatically switches to a relevant UI when a device is connected to the docking station.

There’s also the awesome S Beam feature, which enables wireless content sharing across the Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3 mini and Galaxy S3. It will allow for a 1GB movie to be shared within three minutes, and a 10MB music file within just a couple of seconds. Samsung have also included a few other less obvious features as well: better integration of face recognition adjust the screen to fit where you are looking after rotating the handset, and the phone will now open up the music player when you plug headphones in.

That’s quite a bit to commit to memory, fortunately Samsung have put up a couple of videos to walk you through the new features.