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Report: 9 million units of Samsung Galaxy S3 have been pre-ordered

May 18, 2012

Hot dang, Sammy! You sure know how to make an entrance. All those torturous months of hype and excitement building up, which finally led to the climactic unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in London, seem to have paid off in major way. According to a newspaper in South Korea, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is off to a very promising start.

The Korea Economic Daily reported that pre-order numbers for Samsung Galaxy S3 have reached 9 million units from over 100 carriers worldwide. This isn’t just some random number pulled out of thin air, as it was quoted from an internal source that wished to remain unidentified. But we’re betting that we’ll get those press releases from Samsung soon as soon as the phone is out.

Anyway, the same source said that Samsung has been hard at work to meet the overwhelming demand for the flagship phone by operating its factories at maximum capacity: that’s about 5 million units of Galaxy S3 phone per month.

Since we’re talking numbers, it’d be interesting to see how the Galaxy S3 will fare against its predecessor. It took Samsung roughly nine months to sell 20 million units of the Galaxy S2, which is quite a tough act to follow for the Korean company. But we have a hunch that exceeding Galaxy S2’s numbers will not be an issue for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

With Samsung officially becoming the largest phone maker in the world, a title it took over from Nokia recently, Samsung’s reign and dominance in the smartphone market will be pushed further with the coming release of Samsung Galaxy S3.

Are you one of the 9 million people who have apparently pre-ordered the phone?