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Report: Samsung keeps the physical button on the Galaxy S3, to come in May

April 10, 2012

When it comes to the features the Samsung Galaxy S3 will or will not have, we are never short on rumors and speculations, most of them originating from the South Korean media, which regularly chimes in with reports from “anonymous” sources. The latest such report, coming from Korean Digital Daily, reveals some interesting information regarding how the rectangular home button, seen on countless Samsung designs, was a last-minute addition to the Galaxy S3.

Apparently, the decision to include a physical home button on the Samsung Galaxy S3 was not an unanimous one. Due to internal resistance from those who insisted that the Galaxy S3  should have a clean look, a la Galaxy Nexus, the Korean phone maker was close to start the production of the phone, without the iconic rectangular button. In the end, though, proponents of the physical home button had their way and the design touch was reinstated.

The rumor also talks about the Samsung Galaxy S3’s UI, which will apparently sport a 5-column layout. If this tidibit is accurate, Samsung’s new flagship will follow in the footsteps of the Galaxy Note – again – instead of the Galaxy Nexus. Of course, no rumor is complete without the mention of a possible release date of the Samsung Galaxy S3. According to the same source, the phone will be available as early as May.

There you have it, some juicy details about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3, worthy of a discussion or two with your Android buddies. Although Google is pushing the use of on-screen buttons on Android phones, as attested by the direction that ICS is heading, it seems Samsung hesitates to ditch physical buttons completely.

Everything we’ve seen and heard so far about the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been based on rumors with a varying degree of credibility. We’re interested to know, though,  if you favor the hardware button or you’d like on-screen soft keys for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3. Chime in below.