There’s some potentially bad news for those who have been eyeing the Pebble Blue model of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Sammy apparently ran into some problems with manufacturing the blue casings of the phone, which may cause delays to its release into the market. According to some reports, unspecified production problems with the blue variant of the Galaxy S3  have reportedly forced Samsung to bin 600,000 blue covers. Ouch!

Collated reports from the blogosphere seem to suggest that several retailers and carriers don’t stock enough of the Pebble Blue variant of the phone, while those that do carry the blue model have mentioned about possible shipment delays. Some retailers in the UK, where the phone will be launched on May 30, don’t seem to be affected.

Since the problem apparently will only be solved by June, it’s a good thing that Samsung isn’t launching the Galaxy S3 simultaneously worldwide. The good news is the production of the white Samsung Galaxy S3 isn’t affected at all, so we’re sure there’ll be enough supplies to quell the hunger of customers longing for Sammy’s powerhouse.

As always, we’ll let you know once we hear more from Samsung or other sources.

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Bams Sadewo
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