Having no serious competition in the Android universe ever since its launch, Samsung’s Galaxy S3 was bound to suffer a drop in popularity after the introduction of Apple’s iPhone 5. And while we can’t go as far as say the S3 is still selling as it did three or six months back, it’s definitely not fallen as some expected.

In UK, for instance, the S3 is still the most sought after phone – for the seventh consecutive month. Based on a report compiled by uSwitch, live searches, pre-orders and pay monthly sales brought the crown to the 4.8-incher again, but that’s not the only bad news for Apple.

The number two handheld in the chart is the dated iPhone 4S and not the brand new iPhone 5, which is considered a bit on the expensive side by British tech lovers. We don’t know if the new iPhone stands any chance to turn the tables around by Christmas, but, according to Ernest Doku, a telecoms expert at uSwitch, the 4S remains the biggest threat for the Galaxy S3. Now that’s a big oops for Apple!

What could be even more troubling for Cupertino is what’s behind the two iPhones. At number four and five we have two other big Android guns that very nicely blend the past and the future. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is right behind the podium, despite being more than a year and a half old, while the surprising number five is Google and LG’s Nexus 4.

LG Nexus 4


Nexus 4’s presence in the top is not shocking in the sense that we weren’t expecting the phone to be popular, but it’s definitely unexpected considering that it has only been up for grabs in the UK for… half an hour. Now think about how the Nexus 4 could advance in the top if Google were to clean up the whole demand and supply mess.

As for the GS2, we know very well that’s a very solid phone despite its age, so with the right holiday incentives and special offers, we reckon its popularity could grow even more.

Moving on towards the bottom of the top ten, we have three other Samsung phones there, the Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Ace 2 in sixth, seven and tenth respectively. The Sony Xperia U is the number eight, while HTC’s One X takes the number nine spot.

We don’t see anyone of these moving on much higher soon, so the battle for the top stop in December is going to be between Samsung, Apple and Google/LG. Who do you think will prevail?

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