When it comes to its 4.8-inch display, we totally get that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a bit of an acquired taste that may not appeal to folks with freakishly tiny hands (calm down, you can say the same about those with freakishly big ones). This was probably the thinking behind the Galaxy S3 Mini.

If you like what you see of the Mini, regardless of the specs, you’ll be pleased to hear that the phone is coming to the UK on November 8.

As part of the package, Samsung has announced that Galaxy S3 Mini will come with two pre-installed games, The Sims 3 and Bejeweled 2. While the company said that you should be able to get the phone from the usual stores come launch day, it has failed to provide one crucial piece of information, the 4-inch phone’s price.

With Samsung keeping mum, we turn to retailers in the country for some enlightenment. The Galaxy S3 Mini has been up for pre-order at Clove for a few weeks now, where it’s being offered SIM-free for £298.80.

Anyone interested in getting the Galaxy S3 in mini flavor? Do you think £300 is a fair price for the phone?

Bams Sadewo

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