Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is making its way to the United States once again, this time coming to T-Mobile rebadged as the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit.

Despite not officially coming to the United States under the S3 Mini name, this is the second time that Samsung has rebadged the device as an “exclusive” for a U.S. carrier. The first U.S. appearance for the Mini was with US Cellular, where it is called the Samsung Galaxy Axiom. While the Axiom featured slightly improved specs over the S3 Mini, they were still rather similar overall in both design and performance power.

What makes T-Mobile’s version even more confusing is that there is already a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G, which itself is a renamed version of the Samsung Exhibit II. Before that there was also the Samsung Exhibit 4G, which was the first in the series.

So other than the new name, anything else changed here? It is hard to say for sure, the device bears the model number SGH-T599 but it isn’t known whether its specs will be slightly bumped up like the Axiom or more on par with the S3 Mini. The phone is excepted to arrive officially through T-Mobile by the end of March.

There is no word on pricing at the moment, but considering the Galaxy Axiom is just $29.99 on a two-year contract, you can expect the Galaxy Exhibit to also have a “budget oriented” price-point.

Andrew Grush
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