Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Earlier today we reported on the official unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. Now we have confirmation that a U.K. SIM-free version of the Mini will arrive in white and blue variants, priced at £298.80.

We don’t know exactly when the phone is coming to the United Kingdom, but Vodafone has already confirmed they will carry the new smartphone “soon”. Is the new Galaxy S3 Mini actually worth getting? Yes and no. It isn’t the fastest device around, but it is a capable enough mid-range device that manages to have Jelly Bean onboard from day one.

What kind of features do you get with the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini? A dual-core 1GHz processor, a 5MP rear cam, a VGA front cam, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, microSD expansion, 8/16GB storage options and a 1,500mAh battery. If you were hoping for something just like the full-sized Galaxy S3 – only smaller – this isn’t it. The weaker dual-core, lower-end cameras and smaller battery are far from impressive. While this doesn’t affect the U.K. all that much, it also doesn’t support LTE.

Clearly, the S3 Mini doesn’t even begin to compare to its bigger brother when it comes to hardware. Still, for fans of smaller phones, there are few existing dual-core options that come with Jelly Bean. Samsung’s latest phone is attractive enough, even if it is far from ground breaking. So how about it, anyone interested in the Galaxy S3’s little brother?