galaxy s3 pink girl

As Brendan reported just yesterday, Samsung has a new color in store for Galaxy S3 fans out there – Martian Pink. Why not Venusian Pink, Sammy? After all, the color will mostly appeal to your female customers?

Anyway, Samsung confirmed today the new color on their official site (in Korean, gotta love Google Translate) and said that the pastel pink gadget will be released in South Korea starting on September 26. How about other countries? I am sure that plenty of boys and girls (ok, mostly girls) from around the world would like to carry the eye-catching Martian Pink Samsung Galaxy S3, and perhaps match it with a Hello Kitty purse and a French bichon?

For now, Samsung has not said if or when the device will hit other markets, but the Koreans did state that the pink version of the best-selling smartphone will come in a limited, 100,000 units series. Perhaps they are testing the waters, or maybe they just want to instill some exclusivity to a very popular device.

I think that Samsung is wise to give the feminine side of its customer base a little attention. Most high-end Android devices (with a few notable exceptions, like the new Droid Razr i) are pretty large, which makes them less appealing to (most) female smartphone buyers. Perhaps a little pink will help.

If Martian Pink is not to your taste, perhaps you’ll like better Titanium Gray, Amber Brown, or one of the four other colors that Samsung is currently offering the Galaxy S3 in. What say you?