Whether it’s the quad-core Exynos or dual-core Snapdragon S4 variant, millions of customers worldwide have fallen for the charm of Samsung Galaxy S3. Given the equally boisterous response that the quad-core Galaxy S3 LTE model has received back home, Samsung is eager to bring the special variant to more markets, with Germany apparently has been penciled in as the first stop.

Sammy Hub got the scoop on the phone’s arrival in Germany, which they said would hit stores in October. One thing that prospecitive owners of the phone may not like to hear is its expected retail price. While the HSPA+ version of the quad-core phone is selling for €549, the LTE version will be offered for €749. Yikes, that translates to about $935!

We’re not sure if the 4G LTE connectivity can justify such steep price for the phone, because it essentially has the same specs — save for the possible extra 1GB of RAM, though we’re not sure yet if that’s the case. Nonetheless, the option will be there for those who have 4G speed cravings.

We don’t know yet whether any carrier will step up and offer the quad-core Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE on contract — to make the price easier to swallow. The phone may land in Vodafone, Telekom or O2 – as those are the ones that already have extensive 4G LTE coverage in the country.

Do you think €749 ($935) is too much for the quad-core Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE?