Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung has now officially released its U.S. Android upgrade schedule for Jelly Bean. The update page isn’t exactly chock-full of information, instead it is nearly barren and very vague. The list mentions that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has received Jelly Bean already, and then simply tells us that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is getting the update soon. Not much else to see here.

I suppose “coming soon” is better than not coming at all. Unfortunately, the words can mean just about anything. Soon can mean ten minutes from now, two weeks or even several months. Considering Jelly Bean is already making its way over to the international version of the S3, we doubt you’ll have to wait too long. Manufacturers tend to be short on information when it comes to updates, so the lack of real info isn’t all that unexpected. Still, you’d think more than just the Nexus and Galaxy S3 would be mentioned.

Samsung Jelly Bean update

Samsung will likely add more devices to the schedule, so the update page is certainly something to watch for in the coming months. Why can’t Samsung come out and tell us more specifically when the updates are coming? Sometimes it is the handset manufacturer or hardware issues that hold updates back. A lot of it has to do with carriers dragging their feet, though.

No matter how long it does take, it will be worth the wait for Jelly Bean. There is a lot to like about Google’s most recent version of Android. The most obvious goodies in Jelly Bean are Project Butter speed improvements and Google Now, but that’s far from everything. Notifications, the camera application and even the calendar are all that much better in Android 4.1.

Are you impatiently awaiting Jelly Bean or perfectly fine with ICS for now?