Although it was natural to think that the Galaxy S3 was to get Jelly Bean among the first couple of devices (what with it being the most popular Android phone and all), Samsung really goofed up.

The update rollout started somewhat on schedule in Europe almost a month ago and in Asia around the same time, but things got stuck soon after, so the only countries where the S3 got to taste Jelly Bean were Poland, Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan.

Sweden joined the list a couple of days back, but it still felt like Android 4.1 was moving too slow, even compared with ICS’s own snail-like pace. To make matters worse, we even heard that the stateside models of the super-phone won’t get treated to an update before 2013, which seemed like “the icing on the cake”.

Fortunately, there is some substantial good news to report too, as it seems that four new European countries can be added to the list of territories receiving JB for the S3. Several users are reporting being served with large quantities of “butter” on their phones in France, Spain, Romania and Austria, although for the most part the upgrades seem carrier restricted.

French S3 users for example are only getting Android 4.1 for S3s on SFR, while Romanians have the upgrade available on Vodafone and Orange. The build version is however the same all-around (I9300XXDLIH), so you should all expect an identical set of improvements and enhancements, including the adding of Google Now and some performance bumps.

If you’re not able to find the new software package after manually checking in your settings menu and the Samsung Kies utility tool also doesn’t bring up anything new, you can go over to either or SamMobile. You’ll find there lists with all of the updates available worldwide, but do handle with care and don’t forget to back up your data before anything.

So, how many of you can now prance around with a JB-powered Galaxy S3? Is the new OS everything you dreamed of?


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