Samsung Galaxy S3

After countless rumors and leaks, Verizon has finally confirmed that Jelly Bean is on its way to the Samsung Galaxy S3. Big Red says the rollout will begin tomorrow, December 14th.

While the other three major U.S. carriers had already switched to Jelly Bean on the Galaxy S3, late is certainly better than never.

In typical Verizon fashion, the update will arrive in phases, with tomorrow being the first day. If the update doesn’t reach you on the 14th, don’t panic. It will likely take a week or more before the upgrade is fully pushed out to all Verizon S3 owners.

Besides expected Jelly Bean perks like Google Now and a new notification panel, Verizon announced that the software update will also make the Galaxy S3 the company’s next ISIS-ready smartphone.

Are you excited to finally ditch ICS in favor of some Jelly Bean action?

Andrew Grush
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