Carrying this hot seller around encrusted in diamonds does sound a bit like a robbery waiting to happen, but don’t let us stop you.

Amosu Couture, the genius fashion collective who pulled this off, did a tailor-made Samsung Galaxy S III that sparkles with 500 Swarovski gems inlaid in its bezel while 16 additional crystals are embedded in its home button. Now we know what you’re thinking. How much does this bad boy cost? This SGS3 comes in either blue or white, and with the pretty sparklies attached it’s £2099.00. We did some math and that’s north of $3400.

The jaw dropping news doesn’t stop there, folks. If you’re already an owner of the awesome SGS3, and you really feel up to having the work done on your mobile, you can get this treatment done for £1399 ($2270). Oh and don’t forget, you receive a deluxe Amosu Couture calf leather case as a gift, either way. When that’s all said and done, Robin Leach might be knocking on your front door for an interview.

If you happen to have a penchant for something other than the SGS3, take a spin around the site and see the other Android phones Amosu has corrupted, I mean beautified, with rare gems and luxury stylings. We fully expect Snoop Dogg to be rocking this unit soon.