Smartphones over the last few years have been going from strength to strength, with faster processors, higher memory, bigger displays with larger resolutions, and bigger (but not always) batteries to help keep up with the other improvements. Device accessories, which once meant only earphones and an USB cable, have also become increasingly sophisticated. We now have a variety of bluetooth headsets, docks, protective and eye-pleasing covers, HDMI media link devices, capacitive styluses, and a myriad of other useful contraptions that complement our handheld devices.

Keeping with the trend, Samsung followed up the much-hyped debut of the Samsung Galaxy S3 with the promise of a slew of sleek accessories that would be available by the time the device begins shipping. We’ve already heard that the release of the highly-anticipated wireless charging kit will be delayed for a few months. But let’s take a look at some of the other, equally impressive add-ons for the Galaxy S3.

Flip Cover

With most high-end devices rocketing by the $500 threshold, the need to protect and keep devices in pristine condition has come to the forefront. The official flip cover for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is well designed and easy on the eye, while also providing all-around protection.

C-Pen Stylus

The C-Pen Stylus is the thicker version of the S-Pen that accompanies the Galaxy Note. As the S3 stylus does not fit in as a part of the device, the form factor of the C-Pen is more similar to that of regular pen, making it far easier to use.

WiFi Display Hub

Media link devices between the phone and other displays such as the television, are almost a must-have these days. The Samsung WiFi Display Hub lets you project photos, videos, and anything else on your phone, to a TV with HDMI support, via WiFi.

Battery Charger Stand and Wireless charging kit

The Battery Charger stand let’s you prop up the device and charge it wirelessly, while also charging an additional battery that fits into a slot at the back of the stand. With multiple battery charging options, battery dying out is a problem you will rarely have to face.

With the addition of the S-Pebble and multiple car dock options, the Samsung Galaxy S3 boasts a full slate of accessories to complete what is likely one of the best Android experience available.

What are your thoughts? Which accessories do you think are must-have? Will you be buying the Galaxy S3 as soon as it is released? Let us know in the comments section below.