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Samsung Galaxy S3 expected to get some features from the Galaxy S4

At least a few of the 40 million Galaxy S3 users out there must be wondering how many of the cool new features announced for the Galaxy S4 will be available on their phone.
March 15, 2013

Now that the highly entertaining and highly painful presentation (wonder how Samsung managed that) has concluded, we at Android Authority have the complete down-low on the phone Samsung is going to be heavily dependent on to be their moneymaker for the next 12 months – the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Now out of the 40 million+ people who have bought the Samsung Galaxy S3, at least a few of you must have this question of your mind: how many of the cool new features announced today will be available on your phone?

Samsung VP of Product Planning Nick DiCarlo has graciously decided to clear the air for us, and he has said that anything that is not dependent on hardware will be issued as an update to their flagship devices.

For those of you who were hoping to get “Air View” on your Galaxy S3’s, sorry folks, you are out of luck this time. The TV remote app and the S Health app will also probably not make the cut, since they require an IR blaster and a pedometer respectively to function.

While I cannot make any promises, most likely the new camera features should be available as an update since that seems to be primarily software based. Also, chances are that the Note 2, by a virtue of it being a flagship device will also get some of these updates to augment the user experience. As always, we will keep you guys updated as soon as more information is available.