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Samsung Galaxy S3 did not spontaneously combust says report

July 8, 2012

Last month, we reported that the Samsung Galaxy S3 was HOT. Unfortunately, we weren’t talking about phone sales just yet. We were talking about the SGS3 owner from Ireland that posted images online of his charred, burnt SGS3. He claimed that his Samsung Galaxy S3 had gotten so hot, it literally melted. Samsung took immediate action, looking into the claim.

According to the investigation results from Fire Investigations UK, whom Samsung contracted to look into the situation, the Galaxy S3 did not spontaneously melt or burst into flames. The heat build-up and explosion were most likely due to an external power source. The damage pattern reveals that the phone was most likely placed in a microwave oven.

The original user that complained about his phone spontaneously combusting has since retracted his statement. Apparently, the damage to the phone was caused by another person says “dillo2k10”. In fact, he admits that there is no fault with the device itself and that the “stupid mistake” was an attempt to dry the phone out after it had gotten wet.

So, it wasn’t faulty equipment nor was it Aliens according to the official report. You can safely continue to use your Galaxy S3 without worry. The next time your phone gets wet, try using rice, and not the microwave.