As a knee-jerk reaction to the locked bootloader debacle of the Galaxy S3 released on Verizon Wireless, Samsung promised that a Developer Edition of the phone, made especially for the carrier, will be introduced. This was announced back in July. Two long months have passed since we first saw the product page for the Galaxy S3 developer edition going live. For those who are still interested, you can now get your wallet out and make the purchase.

The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 Developer Edition comes in two flavors: 16GB and 32GB. The former, as expected, will set you back $599. As for the latter, be prepared to plunk down $649.

We’re not sure if there’s still a market for the special edition. After all, the landscape has changed and we’re not exactly short of methods to unlock the bootloader on the vanilla version of the phone anymore. The fact that it comes with an unlocked bootloader is the only thing that sets it apart from the regular Verizon Galaxy S3, while the rest of the specs stay the same.

It’s likely that Verizon and Samsung just want to push the phone out, regardless of the reception. Interestingly, if you try purchasing the phone, the website says that it’s currently out of stock. So either Verizon and Samsung only have a couple of units available or we’re wrong and there’s actually pent-up demand for it.

What do you think?