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New details on Samsung Galaxy S3 rumored: multiple models, ceramic/metal case, and more

April 17, 2012

After many weeks of wild rumors and numerous credible, but mostly not that credible leaks, the first official details about Samsung’s future flagship smartphone have been unveiled yesterday.

Even though we don’t know how it will be called and just about nothing about what it will feature under the hood, we know that the Galaxy S2’s successor will be unveiled on May 3 in London, UK. However, as many of you probably expected, yesterday’s announcement is just a drop in the flood of S3-related news that will come over the next weeks.

We now have more juicy details about Samsung’s new super-phone. Okay, these following tidbits are not official pieces of information confirmed by people at Samsung, but they supposedly come from “credible sources” and ring true pretty much anyway we look at them.

First and foremost, it seems that the London unveiling event set to take place in two weeks (and counting…) will not be singular. Sammy might hold simultaneous events in New York City, Seoul and Dubai as well, which makes us think that this smartphone will truly be something special.

Furthermore, the guys at BGR are confirming a piece of information that came our way a long time ago, referring to the Galaxy S3 and its connection with the 2012 Summer Olympics. Thus, it seems that the gadget will indeed be the official device of the London Olympics, which is the reason for holding the primary unveiling event in England’s capital.

Moving on from marketing details, let’s talk a bit about the phone’s design and looks, things that I know you are all interested in. On this front, we have no less than three fresh unconfirmed pieces of information from BGR. First of all, the Galaxy S3 should come in two color options, a blue-black combination and an all-white model.

Secondly, Sammy’s future flagship should feature a ceramic and brushed metal case, in what could be an attempt to set the device as far as possible from Apple’s iPhone designs. The information about the brushed metal is, however, the least credible from today’s bunch, as it is pretty much an assumption based on those London event invitations sent yesterday.

Thirdly, a “trusted source” told the guys at BGR that the Galaxy S3 will feature a physical home button below the display. Also, the on-screen navigation buttons introduced in Ice Cream Sandwich won’t be used by the S3, which is in line with previous reports out of Korea that suggest that the S3 interface will resemble the 5-column layout seen on the Galaxy Note.

Take these fresh rumors, add them to the suspected specs of the device and you get the picture of a true “beast” that could send shockwaves across the markets. At least that’s what I think, so feel free to either agree or disagree with me in the comments section below! Also, don’t forget to check back to our website soon, because the flood of announcements surrounding the Galaxy S3 will probably not cool down in the near future!