Samsung announced today that it will soon have its Galaxy S3 flagship smartphone available in four more different colors in addition to the “default” white and blue. The new colors are Amber Brown, Garnet Red, Sapphire Black and Titanium Grey – although Android fans are probably familiar with the Garnet Red version, already available from AT&T, the black version that appeared on T-Mobile’s website already and the Titanium Grey color that popped up in a recent Galaxy Note 2 rumor.

Samsung describes the new colors as being “inspired by nature” as they continue their nature-based, designed for humans bullshit marketing campaign. You don’t have to love nature as much as Samsung does to get one of these new Galaxy S3 versions, but just to show you how silly these color descriptions sound, here are quotes from the official company blog:

  • Amber Brown*: Inspired by the mysterious and unique gem, which was believed to sustain the secrets of the earth inside it. The deep, rich colour of Amber Brown redefines the classic colour and emphasizes the beauty of the advanced organic design of the GALAXY S III.
  • Garnet Red*: Rare and special, the gemstone Almandite Garnet was worn as an amulet by the ancient Egyptians who believed the stone contained protective powers. Garnet Red holds the delicateness and elegance of Almandite Garnet, in line with the GALAXY S III’s soft curves and smooth lines.
  • Sapphire Black*: A colour that adds the mysterious power of dark stones to the refined, deep sophistication of the colour black, Sapphire Black is inspired by the stones used by the ancient people of India and Persia for protection, with the belief they strengthened one’s willpower.
  • Titanium Grey*: Inspired by the colour grey as a symbol for intelligence, insight and curiosity, all of which are embodied within the design of the GALAXY S III. Titanium Grey expresses the feeling of modernity and wisdom bringing a futuristic element to the handset.

What Samsung fails to mention are availability dates for the new colors, although it does say that it’s basically not up to Samsung to announce such release dates, as the new colors will be available on a per market per carrier kind of basis. So better check with your favorite carrier, or the one you’re currently tied to, to find out more details about these new Galaxy S3 versions.

What color do you like best?