Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has been up for pre-order from the three major Canadian carriers for a while now, with Rogers, Bell and Telus all offering the new super-phone at the same price. The 16 GB base version of the S3 is set to go for $159.99 with a three-year carrier agreement, and the chances to see anyone lowering that price tag were modest, to say the least.

That’s until today, when Quebec-based Videotron started taking pre-orders for the Galaxy S3 and, surprise, surprise, the phone starts at $99.95. As you might imagine, things will not stand as they are for a long time and the “unit will only be available for the low price of $99.95 for a limited time”.

Pre-orders started a few hours ago and, while we obviously don’t know how many Galaxy S3s have already been “reserved” from Videotron and how many units they have to hold this special offer, we would advise you to hurry up if you want to take advantage of the carrier’s promotion.

The $99.95 Galaxy S3 is available with a three-year contract, with monthly payments of $49.95 or more, including 200 MB or Flexible Rate. That’s all Videotron mentions at “détails du prix” (price details) below the Galaxy S3, so I’m not sure exactly what plan will you be signing up for and what that will include. Be that as it may, this still feels like a pretty unique deal, so if I were in Canada right now, I would seriously consider ditching one of the big guys for Videotron.

If you happen to miss Videotron’s limited promotion, the Galaxy S3 will be starting at the regular $159.99 price with $49.95 monthly payments. You can also get Sammy’s latest flagship for $199.95 with $39.95 monthly payments, $399.95 with a three-year contract, but no additional payments, or for $599.95 (the SIM-free, unlocked version of the phone).

Videotron’s S3 is available for pre-order in both “Marble White” and “Pebble Blue” models, but there’s no mention about the 32 GB version anywhere on the carrier’s website. The superphone’s release date hasn’t been announced either, but chances are Videotron will start shipping the new Galaxy on June 20, along with the other Canadian carriers.

All in all, we are happy to see someone trying to shake things up with the Galaxy S3’s pricing, even though we’re only talking about a small regional Canadian carrier, with around 300,000 subscribers (Rogers has over 9 million, for comparison).

How about you, guys? Will you be looking towards Videotron to pre-order your S3, or are you simply not willing to give up on Rogers or Bell for a few bucks?