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Samsung Galaxy S3 Canada roundup: probable price, availability, and release dates [Updated]

May 10, 2012

June 6: Check out the latest developments on the Samsung Galaxy S3 in Canada, including prices and carrier availability, here.

May 10: Updated with fresh info on the retailers and carriers that will offer the Samsung Galaxy S3 in Canada. Plus, a rumor about the LTE Galaxy S3 using an Exynos chip.

Hey there, Canadian tech enthusiasts, how’s it going? Are you excited about the Samsung Galaxy S3? Of course you are, as is the entire technology world after finding out yesterday exactly what Sammy’s new flagship smartphone is all about!

The Galaxy S3 finally has a full spec sheet next to its name, a confirmed name, a fresh design (which we love, by the way) and even a couple of short appearances in hands-on videos. However, there are still many important details missing from the equation, which is why we’re doing our absolute best to inform you on any and every aspect you could be interested in.

We’ve talked all about the Galaxy S3 in the United States and in Europe and now the time has come to gather around all the things we know, we don’t know and we would like to know about the S3 in Canada.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Canadian carriers

Although Samsung Canada was reluctant to name any names of possible carriers from which you’ll be able to buy the S3, experience tells us that technology users in the North will have a chance to purchase the phone no matter what their network preferences are.

The Galaxy S2 was put up for sale by Bell Mobility, Telus, and Rogers Wireless last year in Canada and we’re almost sure we will see the S3 in the three carriers’ offers too.

The SGS2 and the SGS3 together. Both beautiful.

On the other hand, we have to notice that things are a bit more mysterious here than they are when talking about US availability, which is a bit strange. The Samsung US’ registration page for the S3 already has a list of carriers where the phone is expected to show up, as we informed you earlier today, while the similar Canadian registration site doesn’t mention anything on this front.

That might well mean that one of the three main carriers will be missing out on the Galaxy S3, or that we will see some surprising new entries on the list (like SaskTel or Wind Mobile). However, that’s pure speculation, so, for now, you should just register on Samsung Canada’s page and keep your fingers crossed!

[Update May 10] According to Mobile Syrup, the following Canadian carriers have announced so far that they will range the Galaxy S3:

  • Videotron
  • Telus
  • Bell
  • Virgin Mobile
  • SaskTel
  • Wind Mobile
  • Mobilicity
  • Rogers

None of the carriers have indicated a pricing or a precise launch date, and most preferred to use the generic “this summer” instead. Mobile Syrup also rounded up the Canadian retailers that will sell the Galaxy S3:

  • Future Shop
  • Best Buy

Samsung Galaxy S3 Canadian hardware versions

There isn’t much to say here other than what my colleague Bogdan already told you in his US recap. The Galaxy S3 will most likely be made available in Canada, as in the States, in 3G and 4G LTE versions, with the latter featuring a different processor than the quad-core Exynos.

We have no way to know for sure what chipset will power the LTE Galaxy S3 in Canada, but the best guess right now is that it will be the same dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 featured by HTC’s flagship, the One X.

[Update May 10] According to a Google ad banner for Rogers, which says “Samsung Galaxy S III – With 4G LTE & New Exynos Processor”, the Galaxy S3 may come in North America with LTE and an Exynos chip. That would contradict what we’ve heard so far about Samsung’s lack of capability to integrate LTE radio with its Exynos 4 Quad chip. We’ll keep you updated as more details trickle out.

As for other subtle technical variations between the Galaxy S3s carried by different mobile operators in Canada, we have to shamefully admit that we can’t tell exactly how things will shape up. The S2 came in four different flavors and under four different names (the S2 4G, the S2 X, the S2 LTE for Rogers and the S2 LTE for Bell), so there’s a chance to see similar branding for the S3.

On the other hand, I certainly hope that Samsung will at least try to keep things more compact this time, because those slightly different versions of the same phone only make things more confusing for the regular Joe.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Canadian availability

The marketing team at Samsung is really doing a great job with keeping the suspense around the S3, even after the phone’s unveiling. That’s probably the main reason why Sammy officials are still keeping quiet about the phone’s release dates.

On the other hand, the S3 is confirmed as coming “this summer” in Canada, as well as the rest of the world, so a May release is clearly out of the question. The most recent rumors, coming from pretty reliable sources, tell us that Samsung’s new flagship device might be making its way to North America as soon as June 14.

The date should be taken with a big grain of salt, as it’s far from being official, but we’re almost sure that Canadians will be enjoying the new Samsung mobile experience by the end of June. Once again, based on recent history involving the S2, we might see the new S3 made available by Bell Mobility first, followed a couple of weeks or months later by Telus and Rogers.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Canadian price

I know that many of you skipped the rest of the article and jumped directly to this section to find out the new phone’s price, but unfortunately… we have nothing official to report. Mum’s the word at Samsung when talking about release dates and pricing, but we have a couple of rumors here as well.

The Galaxy S3 will most likely go for $199 on a three-year contract, which would be on-par with the phone’s suspected price at US carriers for two-year agreements. There’s a chance for the phone to go for more though, $299 to be exact.

As far as the unlocked version of the new S3, that also has a good shot of being on-par with the phone’s price in the United States (rumored to be around $700).


Canadian users that want to upgrade to the Galaxy S3 should start saving money by now, and prepare for a “hot” summer beginning. The new Samsung flagship is expected to come to Bell, Telus, and Rogers in a month, a month and a half, tops and, while one or two of those carriers might be in for a delayed launch, you will surely be able to get your grubby hands on an S3 very soon.

There’s a good chance that you’ll have both the 3G and 4G LTE versions of the phone at your discretion by the end of June, but this is still something to be confirmed. As far as pricing goes, you should have a couple of hundred bucks ready for the carrier-branded versions of the phone, and as much as $700 for the SIM-free model.

Keep in touch with our website for the next couple of days or so, because we will surely have new and exciting things to report about the Galaxy S3!

June 6: Check out the latest developments on the Samsung Galaxy S3 in Canada, including prices and carrier availability, here.