Less than 24 hours after seeing Verizon’s Galaxy S3, codenamed SCH-I535, getting Bluetooth SIG’s approval, we now have the best of news for fans of the other three major US carriers. The Galaxy S3 has gotten certified in three more versions and will most definitely hit Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile in addition to Big Red.

The news is very refreshing – we are now almost sure that the Galaxy S3 will come to all of the major networks in America, at about the same time. That’s a huge step forward for Samsung, who enraged many tech enthusiasts last year, with the scattered releases of the Galaxy S2. Not only did the S2 come very late to the United States in 2011, compared with Europe, Asia or even Canada, but it hit the American carriers some time apart, with Verizon being left out of the “business” entirely.

However, history will most likely not repeat itself this year, and you can expect the SCH-I535, the SGH-i747, the SHG-T999 and the SPH-L710 to start selling in a matter of weeks. Verizon’s SCH-i535 and Sprint’s SPH-L710 will most likely feature LTE connectivity and, aside from the fact that they will come with a different processor than the quad-core Exynos powering the international version, they should also look a tad different than AT&T’s and T-Mo’s Galaxy S3s.

There’s also a good possibility that we’ll see the four versions of the latest Samsung flagship getting slightly different name tags (like it happened with the S2 last year). For the time being, though, we don’t know whether to expect some “Epic”, “Super” , “Ultra” or other such gimmickry attached to the name of the S3.

You should also keep in mind that, while usually very trustworthy, Bluetooth SIG’s listings are not official pieces of information. No American carrier has yet confirmed the Galaxy S3’s availability, so it’s not impossible (though it’s highly unlikely) to see the phone picked up by only two or three of the “Big Four”.

Stay tuned on our website to find out all the official information about the S3’s release(s) in the US, set to come our way very soon! In the meantime, don’t forget that you can already pre-order the SIM-free, unlocked Galaxy S3 from Amazon.com, if you’re not into carrier agreements and contracts.

Are you still excited about the Galaxy S3 or is the hype toned down a bit? Which one of the four major carriers in the US do you think will offer the best deals with Sammy’s new handheld? Let us know below!