[May 10] Updated with information on the retailers that put up pre-order pages for the Samsung Galaxy S3, as well as the Australian carriers that have put-up registration pages for information on the S3.

While European, Asian, and North American technology lovers are already getting their budgets straight and making plans for the Samsung Galaxy S3, Australians don’t have much to be excited for, at least at for now. In an exclusive statement given to the guys at gizmodo.au, Samsung Australia said that there are no plans to make any announcements right now about the phone’s availability in “the land down under”.

The full statement reads as follows: “Samsung Electronics Australia is pleased there is continued interest about our GALAXY range in Australia, but we have no plans to make any announcements at this time.”

While it’s pretty difficult to make any safe assumptions based on this short statement, there could only be three possible reasons why Samsung Australia is reluctant to talk about the Galaxy S3’s availability.

First off, Sammy’s new flagship phone might never come to Aussie tech users, which is the worst-case scenario, but also the least credible. Compared to the US or China, the Australian market might not be a gold mine for Samsung or other smartphone manufacturers, but is still has more potential than several European countries where we are sure that the S3 will be sold.

We remember seeing the Galaxy S2 put up for sale in “exotic” places like Uganda, Yemen, or Lebanon. Also, we’ve been hearing people in the business saying that Samsung intends to expand in new markets, so there’s absolutely no way the S3 won’t come to Australia.

The second and most likely reason behind Samsung’s statement is that the company simply doesn’t know yet when it will be able to offer the phone in Australia. The negotiations between the three major mobile carriers there (Telstra Mobile, Optus, and Vodafone) and Sammy might not be finalized. The Galaxy S3 will definitely come to at least some of these major Australian networks.

Finally, this whole mystery might just be a marketing scheme to build up even more hype around the phone. Last year, the Galaxy S2 was released in Australia way before Canada and the US, and around the same time it arrived in Asia. The S3 has already been confirmed as hitting Asia right after Europe (sometime before June 15) and the flagship phone could well be launched in Australia at the same time.

Just because Samsung tells us today that they have no plans to make announcements at this time it doesn’t mean that they won’t make an announcement tomorrow or next week, now does it?

All in all, while we are certainly disappointed that we are not able to report clear things about the Galaxy S3′ release date in Australia. Our advice for all Aussie tech users reading us now would be to have a little patience. I know it’s hard, but until we know something for sure, there’s no reason to panic!

[Update May 10] Australian carriers have put up registration pages to let you know when the Galaxy S3 (or at least any new phone) will be available down-under. Here’s a roundup:

Note that the carriers have been careful to keep it as generic as possible, so they don’t mention the Galaxy S3 anywhere.

Also, if you are willing to pay for an imported Galaxy S3, you might get one from one of the Australian online retailers that put it up for pre-order. So far, we have the following on the list:

  • Mobicity AUS $799, 1 year warranty, blue and white
  • Kogan AUS $789.00, 1 year warranty, blue and white
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