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Samsung is close to completing the Galaxy S3 Android 4.1.2 update. When is 4.2 coming?

The Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S3 is about to hit the last few handsets. This raises the question – when to expect Android 4.2?
March 4, 2013

Samsung kicked off the Android 4.1 update campaign for the Galaxy S3 back on September 24, when Polish owners of the unbranded version woke up to a joyous update notification. Now, about five months later, the Jelly Bean update is about to hit the last few handsets. This raises the question – when to expect Android 4.2?

According to Sam Mobile, Samsung still needs to push the Android 4.1.2 update to Galaxy S3 units carried by some operators in Brazil, South Africa, Slovakia, and a few other markets:

  • Algeria – TMC
  • Argentina (Movistar) – UFN
  • Bangladesh – TML
  • Belgium / Luxemburg – PRO
  • Brazil (Claro) – ZTA
  • Brazil (TIM) – ZTM
  • Brazil (VIVO) – ZVV
  • Germany – MBC
  • Nepal – NPL
  • Panama (Cable & Wireless) – PCW
  • Slovakia – TMS
  • South Africa – XFA
  • South Africa (Vodafone) – XFV
  • Sri Lanka – SLK
  • Uruguay – UFU

If you live in these areas or you own a device branded by one of the listed carriers, don’t despair. Samsung can’t be too far behind its update schedule, so you might get your notification pretty soon.

If you don’t live in of the above markets and you haven’t got your Jelly Bean update yet, you might try restarting your device, checking the Settings>About device>Software Update section, or checking for an update via Kies for PC.

When is Android 4.2 for the Galaxy S3 due?

The latest rumors suggest that Samsung is going to release the Android 4.2.2 update for the Galaxy S3 sometime after the launch of the Galaxy S4. In case you we were living under a rock, that’s due on March 14 (Samsung just released the first video teaser, by the way).

With only ten days left until the Galaxy S4 makes its flamboyant entry, we could see the Android 4.2 package for the Galaxy S3 in a matter of weeks.

But why is Samsung waiting for the Galaxy S4 to launch to update the Galaxy S3? My guess is the update will contain some new features that the GS3 will borrow from the new Galaxy S4, such as Samsung Orb (Photo Sphere lookalike) or Eye Scroll and Eye Pause. Samsung can’t ruin the surprise by revealing the new features on the S3 first, right?