If there’s one good thing to come out of  today’s launch of the iPhone 5  is that it seems to have triggered Amazon to majorly slash the price of the Samsung Galaxy S3. This time, the retailer is discounting more variants of the phone, and not just Verizon’s version.

A couple of days ago, both the Pebble Blue and Marble White Galaxy S3 were offered on Amazon Wireless for a mere $139.99 with a two-year contract, and now the price has been lowered even further to $99.99! That’d sting for folks who snagged the phone earlier, but great news for prospective buyers.  However, the offer is only valid for new customers. Upgrading customers will have to cough up $149.99 for the phone.

The only color available for the Sprint variant of the Galaxy S3 is the blue one. Amazon is also selling it for $99.99 with the standard two-year commitment for new subscribers, and $149.99 for upgraders.

As for folks who are on AT&T, you can choose between the blue, white and red model. New AT&T customers can get the Galaxy S3 for only $99.99, while those who are looking to upgrade have to plunk down $179.99.

Keep in mind that Amazon said this is a limited-time offer, so perhaps you want to spend less time on hesitating and more on clicking the link. Good luck.

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