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New Galaxy S3 ads show the phone's unique sharing features [Video]

July 11, 2012

Samsung officials have declared that the company will be a lot more focused on software from now on, a course of action that is already visible in the unique software features of the Galaxy S3.

What this means is not necessarily that Samsung will focus on reskinning Android even more, but rather on adding new and unique features that both stock Android and other platforms lack. This seems to be Samsung’s main differentiation strategy now, and it’s showing in their new ads.

The three new ads that they have just put out seem to be pretty good, at least compared to some of their older ads where they just tried to make fun of Apple users. The new ads are focused solely on the unique sharing capabilities of the Galaxy S3. I believe  that Samsung managed to convey the message very clearly, which seems to be a rarity on commercials these days. It seems the general direction is to create commercials that show all sorts of crazy stuff, without actually promoting what the product is about, and making it difficult for the viewer to determine which company is doing the ad.

The first clip in Samsung’s trio of ads is centered on the AllShare Groupcast feature, which allows a Galaxy S3 user to send media to nearby friends with compatible devices (right now the only compatible device is the Galaxy S3).

The second one is about AllShare Play, which sends media to your TV, wirelessly, through DLNA (no dongles needed).

And finally, the third one is about Share Shot, which can automatically send a picture shot by one of the phones in the group, to all the other phones in the group (if they are compatible, of course).

The names of the features are a little hard to remember, but they seem like very useful features, at least if all your friends have Galaxy S3s (or future devices that will be compatible with them).