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Check out the Galaxy S3 accessories: S Pebble, AllShare Cast Dongle, C Pen stylus. Prices to be announced soon

May 5, 2012

Yes, boys and girls, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is finally here! And it’s ready to play with a wide range of new accessories designed for what could be the most powerful smartphone ever.

So far, we only have rumors about the S3’s availability in some important markets, including the US, but we do know that you’ll certainly dig (most of its) accessories.

AllShare Cast Dongle

First off, there’s the AllShare Cast Dongle, which is, by far, the most interesting Galaxy S3 accessory. The dongle (or hub, we’re still unsure how Sammy will market it) will turn the S3 into a multimedia beast, as it will enable you to connect the phone to your TV, wirelessly. It supports Wi-Fi b/g/n connectivity, as well as 1080p output, and the guys at Pocket-Lint are reporting “really good video and audio quality” both for the live camera and for running movies.

The S Pebble

Another accessory that sounds exciting on paper, but is still pretty much shrouded in mystery, is the S Pebble. Introduced as the “perfect music companion”, it appears to be nothing more than an MP3 player (pictured below). Why would you need an MP3 player to go with your phone? Well, the S Pebble is designed to replace your phone when carrying a smartphone isn’t an option, such as when out jogging or doing housework. Think of it as a iPod nano replacement, one that connects directly to the Galaxy S3 and has a claimed battery of 17 hours. If the price is right, the  S Pebble could be a pretty sweet deal for many users. For the time being, though, we can’t help but praise this accessory’s cool and unique design.



Battery Charger Stand and Wireless Charging kit

The battery charger stand and wireless charging kit might not sound spectacular, but are certainly cool. Anything wireless is cool, especially if it helps your phone remain fully juiced at all times. Wireless charging is still in its infancy, but will catch on, as more and more manufacturers are planning to make it a part of their devices. No cords, no wires, no hassle. Nice.

Unfortunately, the stock Galaxy S3 will not include wireless charging support. You will need to buy a separate backplate that contains all the needed tech.


C Pen

Next up, the C Pen  is a capacitive stylus pen “exclusively optimized” for the Galaxy S3’s screen, which features a 3 mm rubberized tip and an aluminum body that matches the S3’s sleek design. We haven’t had a chance to play around with it, but we hear that it’s pretty much like the Galaxy Note’s S pen, which is certainly a good thing.


The Premium Audio Dock, Desktop Dock, and Universal Vehicle Dock should cover all your needs and desires in terms of keeping the S3 docked and cozy on your desk or on your vehicle’s dashboard. Each of the three has its own set of original features and functions, with the first two playing music and charging the S3, while the third is perfect for mounting the phone in your vehicle, in either portrait or landscape mode.


Samsung previewed a series of covers (a “flip cover”, “protective cover” and “slim cover”) to keep your phone safe in “difficult” environments and to protect it against bumps and bruises.


HDMI adapter

Finally, Sammy mentioned a S3-specific HDMI adapter, whatever that means.

These are pretty much all the Galaxy S3 accessories officially announced as coming our way “soon”. As you’d expect, we have no release dates or prices for any of the products mentioned above. This information will probably come when the S3 is launched.

We’ll keep this list updated with more accessories to help you get the most out of your experience with the new Sammy flagship.

What do you guys thing about the Galaxy S3 accessories? Do you think you’ll end up buying any of them? Why? Why not?