Now that most of you have got the chance to explore the ins and outs of the Samsung Galaxy S3, how about adding an extra something-something for the phone? Never mind pictures — what we have here is demo videos of several Galaxy S3’s genuine accessories, as uploaded by MobileFun, some of which you can probably get in stores already.

From the desktop dock, holder and battery charger, Wi-Fi display hub, and C-Pen, to the flip cover, these accessories can help enhance the Galaxy experience.

Galaxy S3 Desktop Dock

Dock and charge your Samsung Galaxy S3 in style. There’s also a 3.5mm audio line out to connect the phone to an external speaker.

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Galaxy S3 Holder and Battery Charger

If you have the extra dough to spend and want to make good use of the Galaxy S3’s removable 2,100mAh battery, this charging dock station has space to charge that spare battery, which comes as part of the package.

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Galaxy S3 Wi-Fi Display Hub

Can’t get enough of the Galaxy S3’s 4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen? Hook up the Wi-Fi Display hub to your TV via HDMI port and you’ll be able to stream movies, games, and even music from your phone on the big screen in full HD quality.

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Galaxy S3 C-Pen

Gain more accuracy in controlling the Galaxy S3’s screen with this stylus pen. We don’t think it’ll turn your phone into the Galaxy Note, though.

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Galaxy S3 Flip Cover

Protect your phone from scratches, scrapes and the likes with this genuine Galaxy S3 flip cover. Since it replaces the back cover of the phone, this removes the additional bulk to the phone.

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