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Samsung’s Galaxy S20 phones have a lot to offer in terms of specs and features. Their stellar performance, versatile set of cameras, and gorgeous designs make them some of the best Android phones you can buy right now.

The premium phones carry a hefty price tag though. The base variant of the regular S20 will set you back a cool $1,000, while the S20 Ultra will cost you a whopping $1,400.

However, you’re in luck if you’re looking to pick up a Galaxy S20 flagship for under $1,000. The Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus are available with a $200 discount right now from B&H Photo and Best Buy.

The discounts are applicable to both the 128GB and 512GB storage models. Best Buy is also offering an additional $50 off the unlocked devices if you activate carrier services at the time of purchase. Sadly, the top-of-the-line S20 Ultra is still priced at $1,400.

So if the S20 or the S20 Plus tickle your fancy, you can find the deals on B&H Photo and Best Buy via the buttons below.

Samsung Galaxy S20 The latest and greatest from Samsung
The Samsung Galaxy S20 is a super-premium 5G smartphones from the South Korean company. No matter what you're looking for, the Galaxy S20 likely has something to suit your needs.
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus One of the latest and greatest from Samsung
The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is a super-premium 5G device from the South Korean company. With its versatile cameras, customizable software, and a top-tier display, this handset is one of the most well-rounded smartphones ever.

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