Samsung’s Android success story started with a little phone called the Galaxy S2 two years ago, so it makes sense for the Koreans to still care about their first “big thing”. And there’s no better way to show your love for a “dated” device other than bumping up its software to smooth and buttery Jelly Bean, is it?

Only you can’t say the S2 is being upgraded just out of nostalgia. After all, the OG 4.3-incher is even now a more than decent mid-ranger, what with its bright Super AMOLED Plus display, dual-core CPU and 1 GB of RAM.

As usual, the JB rollout is a gradual one, having started in January with the international S2 version (aka GT-I9100). The South Korean SHW-M250L followed suit soon after,  just like the GT-I9100G available in parts of Europe and Asia.

Galaxy S2-2

Canada’s turn to join the Android 4.1 party came towards the end of February, while today is apparently time to put a smile on the faces of GS2 owners in the UK. Particularly, people with a Vodafone S2 should do the Jelly Bean celebratory dance, even if we’re not ruling out the update being live on other networks as well.

According to several reports across the web, Android 4.1.2 is available via KIES, but before hooking up your phone to a PC and firing up the software a quick look-see in the “About Phone” menu can’t hurt.

Needless to say the bump from 4.0 to 4.1.2 is quite massive, so make sure you have enough storage space to go around and a healthy battery. You’ll be getting a drastic UI makeover, numerous performance improvements and bug fixes, as well as entirely new goodies like Google Now, Pop-up Play, Smart Stay and Direct Call.

So what say you, GS2 owners on Vodafone? Is the new software package available to install? Only through KIES or over-the-air as well? How about on other carriers, is there anything to report?