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Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus priced in Taiwan; roughly the same price as a GS2

Samsung's 2013 remake of a 2011 classic, the Galaxy S2 Plus, is finally out, at least in Taiwan. How much does it cost? About 350 EUR. Is that fair? Not really.
January 28, 2013

We’re huge Samsung fans here at Android Authority , but sometimes we just want to throw our computers out the window and flip over our desks when the company announces yet another new phone that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Take the Galaxy S2 Plus for example.

It looks exactly like the original Galaxy S2, except that the chip inside, which used to be a Samsung Exynos, has been swapped out for a Broadcom solution. Why? Again, we have no idea. Anyway, this thing is starting to land on store shelves, and we finally have a price tag. The Galaxy S2, in Taiwan, will cost you 13,900 NTD. That’s 470.63 in US dollars or 349.96 in Euros.

Should you buy one? Here’s the thing, the GS2, brand new, is roughly the same price. You don’t really get anything new with the “Plus” version, so … why not just get a used GS2 and save yourself some money? Better yet, why not try to get yourself a used GS3? A ton of people sold their GS3 once the Note II hit the streets, so there should be a healthy second hand market for what’s currently Samsung’s flagship phone.

Are there any other phones in this price class that you should consider? 350 Euros will get you an extremely competent smartphone these days. Depending on the country you’re in, you could probably get a top tier Huawei device for that much. But then again it’s a Huawei device, so you’re not going to be seen as “cool”.

Come back here once Mobile World Congress is done, because chances are we’re going to hear about a ton of new midrange devices that are going to absolutely blow our minds. Remember, 1080p is the new bar to be considered a flagship device, which means 720p is now officially classified as boring.