While it hasn’t been as disappointing as, say, LG when talking about updating its devices to Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich, Samsung has managed to enrage many of its customers by pushing back upgrades and failing to announce exact dates for specific devices.

The Galaxy S2, the company’s flagship smartphone in 2011, has had many different versions and variations released and, unfortunately, a bunch of these are still (officially) running that old raggedy Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Fortunately, today we have news that confirm the rollout of Android ICS updates for one of the most popular Galaxy S2 variations out there. We’re talking about the Galaxy S2 LTE, which should have already started to be upgraded to the next software level over-the-air. The information is official and comes from Samsung’s Korean website. What we don’t know is whether the update will hit all the international LTE S2s or just the version available in Sammy’s home land.

In the United States, there’s only one LTE Samsung Galaxy S2 waiting for an official ICS ROM, branded as the Skyrocket and sold by AT&T. And even though an unofficial ICS build has made its leaked way to RootzWiki more than a month ago, the carrier is still reluctant to announce any official plans for when the official update might take place.

The Galaxy S2 LTE has also been sold in Canada or Mexico, but we’re unsure if the Korean OTA update will find its way to the two countries anytime soon. Also, Samsung Korea has announced that an ICS upgrade for the S2 HD LTE, the most advanced S2 version available, is in the works and should be itself released sometimes soon.

If you own a Galaxy S2 LTE, be it in Korea, the US, Canada or Mexico, you should check out your “Settings” menu and see if there’s any new software package waiting for your approval. If there’s nothing new, you might want to reboot your phone one or two times and check for a better network connection. If there’s still nothing, it means that you’ll have to be patient for a couple more days (or weeks). I know it’s not easy, but hey, you waited so far!

You can check out this link for an upgrade guide (in Korean) and a list of all the new features and the improvements Android ICS should bring to your Galaxy S2 LTE. However, I’m certain that most of you already know what to expect. Is there any sign of Ice Cream Sandwich on your Galaxy S2 LTE? And if there is, how does your phone feel now that it’s finally upgraded?