Smartphones are not usually like wines, getting better with age, but there is the occasional Android gem that can at least keep up with the times and stay hip for more than 12 months. Case in point, the two-year-old Samsung Galaxy S2, a phone that’s no longer top of the line, but that remains a great choice for folks on a tight budget.

Especially since its on-board software has been revamped courtesy of an Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update. The JB bump is yet to land on all different GS2 versions around the world, but Samsung is working on making the transition as smooth and fast as possible.

The latest country to get 4.1.2 is India, where the GT-I9100 model is available. The update is rolling out over-the-air, but if for some reason you’re yet to receive a prompt message to download and install it you should check for it through Samsung Kies.

Galaxy S2-Jelly Bean

You’ll want to have your battery above the 50% mark before anything and a strong Wi-Fi connection, because this particular bump is quite massive. You’ll be getting a whole new interface (the Galaxy S3-specific Nature UX), plenty of Project Butter performance enhancements, as well as Google Now integration, Direct Call, Smart Stay, Pop-up play and much, much more.

The Galaxy S2 is likely to never get Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, meaning the 4.1.2 update will be the last major one to hit the 4.3-incher. There should also be a 4.2.2 bump in the not so distant future, but that’s nowhere near the magnitude of the 4.1 tweak.

Besides India, Jelly Bean has buttered up the GS2 in most European countries already, as well as Canada and South Korea. America is still waiting, but something tells us the invitation to the JB party is not going to be stuck at the post office for much longer.

But back to India. Has anyone got JB around those parts? OTA or via Kies? And does the “new” GS2 feel as faster and smoother as you expected?

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