Great news for all of you Galaxy S2 owners out there, as Samsung has released the Jelly Bean source code for the popular device this week. International devices have already started receiving the OTA download, with domestic unlocked devices expected to be prompted soon. If you have a carrier-subsidized device, it may be best to not hold your breath. We all know how carriers love to take their sweet time supporting devices (I’m looking at you, Verizon).

A Jelly Bean update sure is fun (especially if you love that TouchWiz skin), but what may be more exciting is the release of the source code. Source code releases mean developers can have fun designing amazing new ROMs for your device. If you’re a developer, the source code can be downloaded via the Samsung Open Source Release Center. If you’re not a developer, let the smart kids do their thing. We’ll get that new ROM soon enough!

Do you have an S2? Are you excited for the update, or do you already have a custom ROM you enjoy using? We want to know!