[Update] The Galaxy S2 ICS update has begun popping up around the world. Check our updated page for up to the minute news]

A Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS update is imminent, if a tweet from South Korea’s SK Telecom is to be believed. According to The Verge, SK Telecom has tweeted this morning that it’s about to push the long awaited Ice Cream Sandwich update to Galaxy S2 devices. More precisely, the update is supposed to come tomorrow, March 13.

Since the news broke, the tweet has been deleted by the Korean carrier, but The Verge managed to get by a screenshot of the message, in Korean. If you know the language, here’s the screenshot, knock yourself out.

Getting close to the Galaxy S2 ICS update. Right, Samsung?

Could this be yet another false alarm? It’s possible, but not likely, with the rumor build up that we’ve witnessed over the last days. Last week, our collective hopes were kindled by another announcement, this time on an official Samsung site, only to be later crushed by a swift retraction. It appears that Samsung Philippines had jumped the gun and announced a Galaxy S2 Android 4.0 update (for today) without having the official blessing from the head honchos in South Korea.

As some have speculated, Samsung may be trying to pull a synchronized worldwide update. However, there are lots and lots of Galaxy S2 phones to be updated, so the chances of success for such an endeavor are probably slim. Another possibility would be for Samsung to leak snippets of information on purpose, to build up the hype. That might catch the attentions of tech blogs (we’re addicted, we can’t help it), but one has to wonder about the effect that these mind games have on the regular Galaxy S2 owner, who just wants to finally enjoy Android 4.0 on his or her superphone.

How about the rest of the world? We don’t have more details for folks living outside the Korean peninsula, but fear not – the ball is about to roll. Expect Ice Cream Sandwich to come on your Galaxy S2 in the coming days, or in the worst case, weeks. Except if you live in the US, that is… With all the carriers involved, multiple variants of the device, and all the regulatory stuff to clear out, there’s simply no telling when the last Galaxy S2 phones will finally receive the Ice Cream Sandwich update.

If you are in Korea and own a SK Telecom S2, let us know in the comments section if you learn anything newsworthy!

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