The Samsung Galaxy S2 is well over a year old now, but that’s not stopping it, even if most of the attention is going to its younger brother, the Galaxy S3. So what’s a company to do when they want to make an old phone look stylish and exciting?

Apparently the answer involves a leather backing with 129 Swarovski crystals. This new Crystal Edition of the S2 is clearly targeting the female audience, but can adding a few fancy Crystals mask the fact that the S2 is getting on with age?

The Galaxy S2 Crystal Edition will sport the same 4.3-inch screen, dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 8MP rear camera and 1,650mAh battery that it always has. The only change is the bling, and apparently a change that merits a price tag of €599, somewhere around $750.

Odds are, if you are that into fashion and style that you’ll pay $750-ish for a smartphone, you probably don’t care much about the specs anyway and are simply looking to make a fashion statement. The handset is expected to be showcased at IFA and is geared for a German market launch.

Anyone out there seriously willing to pay nearly a grand for somewhat-aging technology, just because it gets a fancy new makeover? To clarify, the Galaxy S2 is not a bad phone, and is certainly quite capable even considering its age. Still, this is certainly not something most of us would want to pay $750 for.

What about you?

Andrew Grush
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