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How To: Samsung Galaxy S RegEdit trick to force 2.2 Froyo Update

October 15, 2010

If you would like to grab the official Froyo release on your Samsung Galaxy S and you are not currently in the Nordic area, right now you have to wait. There is a well documented tweak that is by no means new, but I thought I would share it with our readers here.

Samsung are slowly rolling out the Froyo update to the world, starting in the Nordic areas. If you are in the rest of Europe, Americas or Asia, right now there is fairly patchy cover for the update. As far as I am aware (having read the XDA forums) only the Nordic regions are confirming the update. Here is how to force the update to your device right now, wherever you live.

* <UPDATE> *

A number of people have commented that they have now (as of 18th or 19th of October 2010) followed this guide carefully but are not actually getting upgraded to Android 2.2 – instead they are simply getting the latest version of 2.1. It is possible that Samsung have caught onto this trick and have found a way to work around. Perhaps by IP filtering of the Kies application update. I’m not certain. Anyway, as of now, I’m not sure that this is working any more. Please read down through the comments carefully to see what other users have said about the matter.

* </UPDATE> *

First, you will need the latest version of Samsung Kies. You can either update your own copy by clicking the bottom right icon within the Samsung Kies environment. Alternatively you can try downloading a copy from here. Once you have Kies installed, connect your phone via USB. If you have run a custom firmware on your device, you might find that Kies is a bit of a devil to get connected. As such, simply flash your device (back-up anything on the local SD card) using the factory reset function from Settings > Privacy > Reset (or similar). IMPORTANT: If you have installed any type of Lag Fix, unstall it, remove it, do whatever is necessary to revert because the update doesn’t like it; think brick.

Once connected via Kies, open up RegEdit (Windows > Start > Run > RegEdit) and browse to:


There will then be a few folders numbered from 1. Some people have different number of folders, but the rule of thumb is to browse to the largest (in terms of its numeric value). In here you should see a bunch of registry entries that do not exist in the other folders, such as “SoftwareRevision”. Now change the following entries to these values:


The trick here is to make sure you make these changes while Kies is on and running. If you make them while Kies is not loaded, then next time you do and you connect your I9000 you will find that it over-writes your settings and that the time you spent is wasted. So, to reiterate, load Kies first. Once you have made these changes via the registry, they are automatically saved. You should then switch back to Kies and click the update icon in the bottom right hand corner of the application (second in from the right); it is an icon of a phone with an arrow next to it. Click this and you should see that there is an update waiting for you. It will take a long time to download… but good luck!

Please let me know if I could make anything within here more clear and/or if the information is not correct from your viewpoint. It goes without saying that you do this at your own risk and you must take all responsibility for your actions.