For all the loyal readers of Android Authority in the U.S. who are off to a holiday weekend, here’s something to bother all of you as you take your break. This goes out to those of you who are eagerly awaiting the release of Samsung Galaxy S III. Unofficial sources say that the said device is possibly coming to the U.S. on June 20 by way of T-mobile.

As  a disclaimer, this is neither confirmed nor denied by both T-Mobile and Samsung. But of course, you all know that it’s bound to happen soon since the Samsung Galaxy S III is scheduled to be released in Europe next week. TmoNews, notorious for covering anything related T-Mobile revealed the said release date. In fact, the site also reported that together with the Samsung Galaxy S III, T-Mobile is also dishing out the Galaxy Note, and the T-Mobile MyTouch, otherwise known as the Huawei Phoenix and Huawei Buddy smartphones.

Also, as you all know by now, there are going to be two models of the Samsung Galaxy S III – metallic blue and Ceramic White. We are sorry to tell you, however, that only the Metallic Blue variant will be available from T-Mobile on June 20. The Ceramic White will not be available until July 11, together with the Galaxy Note and T-Mobile myTouch. Good thing both 16GB and 3GB Samsung Galaxy S III Metallic Blue versions will be available on June 20. But for the Ceramic White variant, only the 16GB model will be released.

The news almost got us excited here at Android Authority but there’s still one tiny and yet very important detail about the Samsung Galaxy S III – its price. But who cares anyway? Most, if not all, of you who are eyeing this handset are willing to pay any amount that T-Mobile will be selling the phone for, right?

So, that’s it. Now it’s the time to switch on to holiday mode for readers in the US. Drop us your feedback below on this exciting news and tell us what you think of the ongoing developments!