Samsung is playing big these days, especially with its latest teaser ad for the upcoming launch of the world-famous Samsung Galaxy S II in the U.S. this August 29.

The Samsung Mobile USA teaser ad hinted at several of the things that make the Samsung Galaxy S II the “big” thing in smartphones:

Most of the video showed the variant bearing the controversial physical Home button (over which Apple has vehemently complained about, among other things). But, the last few seconds of the video showed the variant without the physical Home button, which is most likely how the U.S. version of the Galaxy S II would look like.

Latest reports have been saying that the major carriers in the U.S. will each have its own variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II. T-Mobile’s variant is rumored to be called the Samsung Hercules. Sprint’s version will reportedly go by the name Samsung Epic Touch 4G. AT&T’s version might come as the Samsung Galaxy Attain. Verizon might have a Samsung Epic 4G look-alike called the Samsung Galaxy Function.

Who’s getting a Samsung Galaxy S II when it launches in the U.S. on the 28th? And whose variant are you getting?