Samsung Mobile had originally slated the much-anticipated variants of its global bestseller smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S II, for launch today, August 29, in New York City. However, owing to Hurricane Irene, the festivities had to be moved a day later–tomorrow, August 30.

As of this hour, CBC News reports that Hurricane Irene has slowed down into a tropical storm. This may mean that the sun will be up and about for tomorrow’s unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S II in New York.

With winds up to 115 mph, Hurrican Irene hit North Carolina’s Outer Bank on Saturday morning and wove through the eastern coast, bring rain all over parts of Virginia, Washington DC, New Jersey, and New York. It is expected to hit Maine this afternoon.

Hurricane Irene claimed 21 lives in eight different states as it made its way through the East Coast. It also made air and land transportation impossible, caused massive floods, turned off power in 6 million homes and business establishments–and yeah, postponed one of America’s most-awaited events, the launching of the Samsung Galaxy S II.

But, it seems that the power of a hurricane is not enough to dispel the Samsung Galaxy S II’s enchanting power over thousands of expectant Americans.

Consumers have long waited for the unveiling of Samsung Galaxy S II variants for U.S mobile carriers Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Latest reports claim the Samsung Galaxy S II will be rebranded into the Samsung Epic Touch 4G on Sprint, the Samsung Galaxy Attain on AT&T, and the Samsung Hercules on T-Mobile.

Do rain and storm dampen your heated anticipation of the Samsung Galaxy S II?

Image credit: Engadget

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