What we have here appears to be the first credible video of a white Galaxy S2, running what appears to be Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0, and folks, it looks awesome. Paying attention to Android like a hawk, I have to say that some of the transitions and design fundamentals featured in the upcoming revision of Android 4.0 are looking mighty appealing.

[Update] Sorry folks, jumped the gun there, and the video is indeed fake. It is only a customized Gingerbread ROM, and the lack of on-screen buttons are a dead giveaway. Still, it’s pretty convincing at first glance, right?

Of course, like most things this side of the rumor mill (which we love), we have no way of confirming if this is in fact the real deal – or a very clever and well executed ROM. It features design elements, cues, and transitions very similar to the world’s first video of Ice Cream Sandwich, featuring the upcoming Nexus Prime. Additionally, while we can’t say when Samsung will be debuting ICS for the Galaxy S2, it’s pretty obvious at this point that all the major manufacturers are getting builds of it to test on their hardware, and with the Motorola RAZR set to receive ICS as well, we have no doubt it won’t take as long as other updates to see the light of day.

Looks good? You want? Yes, we bet you do. We do too. And for fun, check out a comparison to see how it stacks up next to the Nexus Prime.

Any thoughts on how Ice Cream Sandwich is looking? Excited?

Via Phandroid