Obviously having the fastest and arguably one of the best smartphones in the world isn”t enough for some people. While some would be nervous to do exactly what this guy has, it’s great to see. Apparently the Exynos processor used in the Samsung Galaxy S II doesn’t even break a sweat at 1.5Ghz,  and will be stable at nearly 2.0Ghz soon. Of course, we are talking about absolutely disgusting performance, with Quadrant benchmarks going past the 4000 range. Check it out below.

Check out the source link below for how to do this – it’s not that difficult. The processor inside the Galaxy S II started off at a lowly 1Ghz and was modified by Samsung to run at 1.2Ghz, but actively slows itself down to as low as 200Mhz for power savings, and when the phone is idle.

Check out this benchmark. And just for comparison, 4000 on Quadrant is roughly 6 timed faster than the original Motorola Droid.

And finally, the video. Enjoy!


Via XDA Developers

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