Brace yourselves Verizon customers. I’ve got some bad news for you. Apparently, the Samsung Galaxy S II isn’t coming to Verizon – at all. If this news won’t make any of you happy, I’m sure it will at least make someone happy – and that’s Motorola. With Samsung Galaxy S II out of the way, Motorola will be free to market their upcoming Droid Bionic.

Why there’s no Galaxy S2 on Verizon

I think these days Verizon can actually afford to choose between 2 or more new handsets that could launch on a particular month. Since the Galaxy S II is arriving in USA at the end of this month, and the Droid Bionic is supposed to launch very soon, too, they had to choose between them.

They chose the Bionic for several reasons. They have a much better relationship with Motorola than Samsung. Then, the Bionic has already been promised for many months, and delayed, but at least now it’s getting LTE, and Verizon will happily sell a phone with LTE to get more customers on their LTE network. They also don’t want to be yet another carrier who’s selling a “Galaxy S II” in the same time with the others.

Could this ultimately be good news?

But there’s another reason why Verizon might not want to sell the Galaxy S2 right now. The Nexus Prime is rumored to come in October and it’s also said to be made by Samsung, so why have 2 Samsung phones compete against each other after so little time?

This might actually benefit the Nexus Prime, because Verizon would actually promote the phone, just like other phones of theirs. So far the Nexus line hasn’t been promoted too much, except by Google. If Verizon promotes it, Nexus Prime might be the first Nexus phone that sells in millions of units, which would be even more encouraging for Google to keep making them, and for manufacturers to keep helping Google in making Nexus phones. We all benefit from this because at the very least the Nexus phones show us how Android should run on a smartphone, and the others can use it as a standard.