Samsung Galaxy S Femme Aveda

Samsung Galaxy S Femme Aveda

Samsung are having a great time of it with their Galaxy S line, but it is clear that they want to tap into the female market a little more. To this end, they have released a pink version of the Galaxy S in association with cosmetics maker, Aveda. The Galaxy S Femme Aveda Limited Edition really is very girly, and will also come with some offerings from Aveda themselves.

You can expect the device to come pre-installed with an Aveda app, 4GB microSD card, a voucher and a travel kit consisting of various creams. If this is something that you are interested in, it is worth nothing that Samsung are only making 5,000 of these precious little things so its quite possible that they will sell out rather swiftly.

[Source: Samsung Hub]

James Tromans

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