Samsung has an interesting strategy for its smartphone business that seems to have worked great so far. Ever since launching the original Galaxy S, Samsung made similarly-looking low-end smartphones as well. This halo effect helped the company make its lower-end phones more appealing to customers who couldn’t pay many hundreds of dollars at once for a flagship device, or wouldn’t pay a lot on a contract every month, in order to get the carrier subsidy.

The Galaxy Ace is one such example that hasĀ benefitedĀ from the success and popularity of the Galaxy S. Now we see Samsung coming out with the Galaxy S Duos, technically a low-end phone, that looks a lot like the Galaxy S3, while being smaller (4-inch) and having a slightly modified home button. The phone seems to be the Galaxy Ace Duos bigger brother, another even lower-end phone that looks a lot like Galaxy S3 as well.

The resolution of the Galaxy S Duos’ display is only 800 x 480, which means it has a pixel per inch (PPI) density of 233, which is not too bad for such a low-end device. The device has a 1Ghz Cortex A5 processor, which means it’s based on the ARM v7 architecture, so you’ll be able to run the Chrome browser. Unfortunately, it still only has Adreno 200 GPU – it will do the job for daily tasks, but don’t expect to play many of the latest 3D games on it.

The Galaxy S Duos will have a 5MP camera on the back and a VGA front-facing camera. It will come with 4GB of internal storage, microSD expansion and 512 MB of RAM. The phone runs Android 4.0, so that’s a big plus, although there’s no news on whether it will ever even get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

The Galaxy S Duos name comes from the fact that the handset has dual SIM connectivity, which is another big plus for this phone. I expect it to sell very well, depending on its price, which is unknown right now. As for availability dates, the device is expected to arrive very soon, but a clear release date is not available yet.

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