Haven’t had enough Samsung unveilings for today? Here’s one more! After the Boost Mobile-bound Galaxy S2 4G and the Galaxy Reverb for Virgin Mobile, Sammy has also made the Galaxy Rush official.

Unlike today’s other two newcomers, Boost’s Galaxy Rush is actually an absolutely fresh new phone. It’s not a version of an already-released handheld, like the S2 4G, and it’s also not a device leaked a month back, like the Reverb.

That doesn’t necessarily makes the Rush very exciting though, seeing as it’s a small and modest phone which fits in that small gap between low-end and mid-range without much glamour. Equipped with a 3.5-inch HVGA touchscreen (480 x 320 pixels resolution), this is clearly targeted towards those of you who put a price on portability and functionality first, and not on pure speed.

With a single-core 1 GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 processor and 768 MB of RAM, the Rush doesn’t exactly come across as the ideal machine for gaming or high-quality multimedia playing on the go. But the specs are not that bad to call this an entry-level phone, either.

(Photo credit: Engadget)

The 3 MP rear-facing camera, the lack of a front-facing one and the 4 GB of on-board storage would definitely put this in the low-end niche of the smartphone world, but fortunately Android 4.0 ICS (most likely with TouchWiz UI on top), microSD support and decent 1,750 mAh battery help the Rush recover once again and at least aspire at being called a mid-ranger.

In terms of pricing, things look quite fair, with Boost Mobile announcing the Rush as hitting stores in “late September” for $150. That’s the price for an off-contract phone, of course, which you will be able to pair after buying with the carrier’s Monthly Unlimited plans with Shrinking Payments going for as less as $40 a month. Sounds like a decent enough deal to me, so if you’re not fazed by the Rush’s modest screen or camera, look for the new phone in Boost Mobile stores in a month or so.

Will you be “rushing” to buy this phone? Is the Reverb closer to your tune? Or will you be choosing the more expensive and “luxurious” S2 4G. Or are you simply not interested in any of Samsung’s fresh new releases at this point?